Saturday, April 11, 2009


He has his father's curly hair.
Only, as Brennen says, more of it. ;)


On April 11th, 12.01pm.
We got our little Easter Bunny.

After three days of labour and extensive tearing and stitches, Parker arrived! Without an epidural, so I'm stoked.
Worth every ounce of pain.

21 1/2 inches long, 8lbs9oz.

Very happy but sleepy family.
More when we've caught up on some rest.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

From Jeremy

(love it)

Nonstress Test

We're off to the hospital for a nonstress test!
Wish us luck!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dear Parker

Dear Parker.

I'm sorry I've been the most impatient woman in the world lately.
When I've acted angry or sad, or jokingly threatened you with spankings should you not pop out, it's all been because I am *very* excited to meet you.
In fact I will not spank you for every day late.
And I will not confiscate pudding for every day late.
Instead I promise to love you and adore you and positively melt the first time I see your face.
So, despite estimated dates and stupid doctors and stupid machines, I'd just like to say...

You take your time.
You come out when you're ready.
Because I can wait.

Because you are worth it.

And because I love you very, *very* much.

I look forward to meeting you, darling.
Whenever it may be.

Sparkles and kisses.




Anyone else bored yet?
After I write a small note to Parker, I'm going to bed. ;)


Today I'm going to spend the day in bed even though it is glorious outside.
I have a wicked toothache (because, I assume, yesterday I prayed for pain and blood...assuming makes an ass out of God).
There's nothing I can do to bring baby on and it doesn't feel like he's coming.
Tomorrow I go to the hospital to have a 'nonstress' test.
On a plus side my mum can come and listen to his heartbeat in person.
They'll tell us what to do from there.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hoorah For Alicia!

Okay, so my sister-in-law just brightened my day.
I was bummed that the sprog wouldn't be here on Billie's birthday but Alicia writes...

"Billy Holliday and Francis Ford Coppola were born April 7 ... Julian Lennon and Buddha (Siddhartha far as we know) were born April 8 ..."

Is it a little coincidental that my 'focus piece' for labour is a tiny buddha I have?

I was always intending on squishing this instead of my husband's fingers:

What a lovely circle of events.


He's not here.
He's not coming today.

And to top things off now I'm having to wear a pad, which is something I haven't worn since I was 13.

Needless to say I am very pissed off and uncomfortable.

Yich and blich!

g i v e .
u p .

6 am!

6 am, more bloody discharge.
*Incredible* back pain.


*bounces off walls*

Monday, April 6, 2009

Gross. Wow.


Don't tell me that exercise did it?

Bloody discharge at 1am, right when I was brushing my teeth.

Putting hospital bags optomistically (at my mothers orders) by the front door.

If nothing happens tonight I'll jump back on the treadmill tomorrow....because that certainly stirred SOMETHING up.

*boing eyes*

Maybe by this time tomorrow we will have a baby!

By Hook Or By Crook

Get out of meh bellah!


So what else do you do when you're past your due date and *nobody* will let you do any home renovations?

I guess you keep baking.

Yesterday I made two lemon loaves and a double batch of lemon honey.

I'm sure getting fat will help my pregnancy.

Can't Sleep

It's 3.30am.
I'm stressed out about stuff.
I think mostly about the date for being induced.
Maybe the prenatal nurse was wrong about me having him 'way before'.
Because she said that on the 2nd.
It's now the 6th.
And the date to be induced is the 9th.

And I still don't even FEEL ready to deliver, or very pregnant.

I know stressing about stuff is stupid and it doesn't help, but where's my kid at?

All I wanted was a natural labour.
I thought I could handle the pain but I didn't think about being pumped with drugs to induce, should things run long.

I am very, very upset right now.
So it's 3.30am and I can't sleep.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

6 Days LATE!

Photo taken for Heather.
My wonderful, baby-mad friend!

Hurry up, Parker!
You know there's a *beautiful* world out here...

Super Woman!

Nonna Kate knitting and Nonna Kate working on cushions for our lounge!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Last Chance!

I figured it was my last chance to bake anytime soon, so I made afghans this morning!
Ignore the's the last room to be renovated, although we will put down new flooring sooner rather than later.

Prenatal News!

From an email to family and friends...

Well the nurse gave me a date to be induced today, numbers to call, and the procedure they would go through.
Wanting a natural birth of course I was devastated.
Then she actually *checked* me and said....
Ta Da!
I was dilated between one and two centimeters and my cervix is "thinner than a piece of paper".
Very exciting!
She said I should have him anytime, and well before the date to induce (the 9th).

So I skipped home from the prenatal, as much as I could with Parker squirming around, and *then* found out we will have TREMENDOUS storms today and tornado warnings (again). know...I think would be AWESOME to have a baby in.

So hoorah!
Good news day all around.
We will keep you guys posted!

Love & Sparkles,
(& B)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ripped Off!

My outie button went back in.
*ripped off*

I think the plaster cast pulled it out for the day but then it went away.

What, what?!
Perhaps it was my New Zealand April Fool's from God.

Still waiting for baby to arrive...
He certainly likes to bang around and *act* like he's coming out!