Thursday, April 2, 2009

Prenatal News!

From an email to family and friends...

Well the nurse gave me a date to be induced today, numbers to call, and the procedure they would go through.
Wanting a natural birth of course I was devastated.
Then she actually *checked* me and said....
Ta Da!
I was dilated between one and two centimeters and my cervix is "thinner than a piece of paper".
Very exciting!
She said I should have him anytime, and well before the date to induce (the 9th).

So I skipped home from the prenatal, as much as I could with Parker squirming around, and *then* found out we will have TREMENDOUS storms today and tornado warnings (again). know...I think would be AWESOME to have a baby in.

So hoorah!
Good news day all around.
We will keep you guys posted!

Love & Sparkles,
(& B)

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