Tuesday, April 7, 2009

6 am!

6 am, more bloody discharge.
*Incredible* back pain.


*bounces off walls*


Lisa said...


Kristy M said...

It's happening!!! I just got tingles through my whole body! Yay! Best wishes hon! I won't expect to hear from you again for a few days, but then I'll expect photos!!! ;o) Thinking of you!

Nagiko9 said...

*crosses fingers*

Hope said...

I never thought I'd *squee* for blood and pain, but here we are :)

I love you dearly, I do I do...I'll be thinking about your girly bits all day now.

tee hee

Good luck!! My cell is primed and ready for happy news :)

Lyvvie said...

Yay!!! Boo about the pain.