Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dear Parker

Dear Parker.

I'm sorry I've been the most impatient woman in the world lately.
When I've acted angry or sad, or jokingly threatened you with spankings should you not pop out, it's all been because I am *very* excited to meet you.
In fact I will not spank you for every day late.
And I will not confiscate pudding for every day late.
Instead I promise to love you and adore you and positively melt the first time I see your face.
So, despite estimated dates and stupid doctors and stupid machines, I'd just like to say...

You take your time.
You come out when you're ready.
Because I can wait.

Because you are worth it.

And because I love you very, *very* much.

I look forward to meeting you, darling.
Whenever it may be.

Sparkles and kisses.


Lisa said...

That's the sweetest thing EVER!!! I really love it.

Penny Pink said...

Hurry up and have your baby, I wanna seeee, I wanna seeee!! X

Kath said...


Louise said...

Ooooooh.. I love you too!

Kristy M said...

Ohhhh...I almost cried!

Brennen Reece said...

I'm spanking mommy for every time she's threatened to spank you.

Hope said...

Well that does it, I'm now a blubbering mess.

You are too sweet, painterlady!